Many people often wonder `how do I know if my partner is my twin flame?` And the answer to that is, if you have to ask the question then they aren`t the one. You may not have heard the term `twin flame` before. You may not fully understand the why`s and the how`s of the `twin flame` relationship, but you WILL ultimately know that at the very core of your being there is something unique and profound that connects you to this other person. You will have a strange sense of `knowing` your loved ones thoughts and feelings. You will compliment each other beautifully even if you seem like polar opposites, and you will sense that you are not only joined by some invisible cord, but that somehow you always have been and always will be. It`s not a `hearts and roses` relationship, but a painful and testing one. There is a special purpose for you both coming together on this planet at this time. You have an important destiny to fulfil. So always remember that no matter how complex and painful things seem right now while you inhabit a physical body on a 3rd dimensional planet, you can never permanently be separated from your twin. Any separation however lengthy or traumatic is only temporary, and always completely necessary in order for you both to develop your own sense of self, which is a critical pre-requisite to you both being able to endure the profound intensity of such a union for all eternity. x